Drills Information!

Next Drills Session will be on Sunday Dec 8th
Boys and Girls 6th grade & under at 6pm to 7:30

Boys and Girls 7th grade & up at 7:30pm to 9
Please always check website every week for drills announcement to confirm weekly day, times and locations. If Drills have to be cancelled at the last minute due to inclement weather, click on the "instant alert message" button in Spalding basketball in top right corner of website.

SEE RATE SHEET UNDER PROGRAM INFO TAB FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS TRYING DRILLS: Please bring your own basketball with your name on it. See the basketball in the upper righthand corner of this box for all weather related gym cancellations.
GYM LOCATION:Renegades Kelly Bolish Gym - 2950 Turnpike Rd, Hatboro PA 19040


Basketball League


Information Flyer Here!

League Rules Here


*Individual Registration Here

*Individual players entering on club team see form

above and visit the Winter Club teams page link on left


**Coaches Roster Form Here

**Team Player Registration Here

  Winter Club membership Online Registration Here

2019 – 2020 Renegades winter BOYS overtime league







For: Boys Teams. Teams will be grouped according to grade level and competitive level, from 3rd grade up to 10th grade. If a player is not associated with a team and they wish to participate in the league, they can be placed on a Renegades team. See link on left "Winter Club Teams"


Starts: Mon, Dec. 16th with games being played in the following time slots: Mondays  at 8:15pm, Wednesdays at 8:15pm, Fridays 6:15pm or 7:30pm, & Sundays 12:15pm,

1:30pm, 2:45pm, 4pm, 5:15pm, 6:30pm & 7:45pm. The league continues thru February with playoffs starting the 4th week of February. Coach will email weekly in advance of scheduling, a minimum of 3 time slots with date that will not conflict with other team schedules/leagues to: renegadesscheduling@gmail.com

Cost: $470 per team plus teams pay their own referee fee ($30/game). If teams want Renegades to pay their ref fees, they need to submit $330 in advance of league start with league fee. Ref fees for playoff and championship games are additional.  Note: Teams can wear their winter travel team uniforms.

Where: All games will be played at our 3 court facility at 2950 Turnpike Drive in Hatboro.

Due: Payment and paperwork are due by Fri, Nov 15, 2019.

Each team plays one game per week and will play a total of 10 regular season games + 11th guaranteed playoff game. You can specify what day and time works best for you. (Please see flyer for time slots available.) All teams will wear their own regular team uniforms.

 (1 check per team. No individual player checks for teams that are entering.  Coach must collect money/checks and submit 1 payment to Renegades)

Paperwork: For teams entering, coach to send signed Coach Roster Form & Individual Player Registration forms signed by parents.

All Games will be officiated by two PIAA referees. Games will be played with 2-16 minute stopped clock halves for 6th grade and up and with 2-14 minute stopped clock halves for 5th grade and below. All of the teams in each division will make the playoffs with the first and second place teams receiving awards.

*Each player must fill out an individual registration form

*Each coach must fill out and sign a roster form and submit with individual player forms 1 payment in full (no individual player checks)


To register, go to www.renegadesbasketball.com - go to orange bars on the left hand side and click on “Winter Overtime”.




       All Township, School or CYO teams need to give us a certificate of insurance naming the Renegades, Inc. as an additional insured. 


       If you are an outside AAU team, you need to SEND COPIES OF VALID CURRENT AAU insurance cards for all coaches & players.  If you have any questions please contact us at parenegades@comcast.net


       Insurance certificates and AAU Cards can be sent to the office by email or regular mail.  parenegades@comcast.net or Renegades, 858 Street Rd, Southampton, PA  18966





Please complete the below instructions and FORWARD the email with card you receive in your email to parenegades@comcast.net BEFORE THE START OF THE LEAGUE (by Monday Dec 9th, 2019).

INSURANCE FOR INDIVIDUALS ENTERING THE LEAGUE ONLY – Any player who does not play AAU basketball or plays AAU basketball with another club must either supply AAU Card purchased by your AAU club or register online:


On right hand side CLICK/SELECT "Create an Account".

Once you create an account and login from the same link

CLICK/SELECT “NEW MEMBERSHP”(rectangle in center of page near top).

CLICK/SELECT “YOUTH ATHLETE MEMBERSHP”(rectangle in center of page near top)

Under“*Sport”, CLICK/SELECT “Basketball – Girls” or “Basketball – Boys”

Under“*Coverage”, YOU MUST CLICK/SELECT Extended (AB) - $16”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the “Regular - $14” coverage is NOT AN OPTION FOR PARTICIPATION IN EVENTS IN OUR GYM OR PROGRAMS.  YOU MUST PURCHASE THE Extended (AB) - $16” insurance.  If you opt for the $14 insurance you will have to repurchase the insurance and there are NO REFUNDS.

Under“*Term”, select whichever time period you want coverage for the player. NOTE: This insurance covers the player not only for basketball but for any sport that the player participates until the expiration date and is well worth the $16.00 per year.  This AAU insurance does not take the place of family health care coverage.  Every league player must have their own health care insurance.

-       Follow the rest of the instructions and choices and check out as normal in an online order/purchase.

-       All Non-Renegades players must forward by email, their AAU insurance membership card confirmation they receive from AAU to parenegades@comcast.net prior to playing in their first league game. This will be strictly enforced due to the liability issues.  If you have any questions, please contact us at parenegades@comcast.net



revised 9/24/2019