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No Drills & Skills on Sun March 15th & No Drills & Skills on Sun March 22nd due to Governor ordering all gyms in Montgomery County to close on March 13th for two weeks. Please always check website every week for drills announcement to confirm weekly day, times and locations. If Drills have to be cancelled at the last minute due to inclement weather, click on the "instant alert message" button in Spalding basketball in top right corner of website.

SEE RATE SHEET UNDER PROGRAM INFO TAB FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS TRYING DRILLS: Please bring your own basketball with your name on it. See the basketball in the upper righthand corner of this box for all weather related gym cancellations.
GYM LOCATION:Renegades Kelly Bolish Gym - 2950 Turnpike Rd, Hatboro PA 19040

2019 John Walker Fall League


Walker League Schedule
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Enter as a team or individual.  Reduced Cost is 125.00 per player
Reduced team cost is $1095.00
Renegades, 858 Street Road, Southampton, PA 18966 (mailing address for checks and registrations)
e-mail: parenegades@comcast.net 215-364-1426 www.renegadesbasketball.com

**League starts the weekend of Fri, Aug 23 & Sun, Aug 25 for 3rd thru 12th grades (Except 5th/6th girls start Mon. Sept 9th)

LOCATION: Renegades Kelly Bolish Gym, 2950 Turnpike Dr., Hatboro, PA 19040

      Walker League Schedule and Rosters will be posted at www.renegadesbasketball.com by Thurs 8/22, Sat 8/24 & (Sun 9/8 for 5/6th girls)

                               You must check website in order to know when your first game will be played.

      If you are unavailable for your 1st game please let us know by e-mailing the office at parenegades@comcast.net

Once again in remembrance of John Walker and all that he did for youth sports in Southampton and specifically for what he did for basketball in the community, the summer/fall league will be held in his honor. This will be our 2
4th season. Anyone who has participated in this league in the past knows that this is a highly competitive league. Last year, there were over 800 participants.

For the boys and girls we will have 5 grade divisions.  The 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th, 9th/10th, and 11th/12th.  The 3rd/4th boys & girls games will be on Fridays at 6:15pm and this is the only coed division in the league.  The 5th/6th  boys will play on Friday nights and the 7th/8th boys will play on Sunday nights with the possible option of playing on Fri nights at 8:45pm.  The 9th/10th boys play mid to late afternoon on Sundays.  11th/12th boys play on Sunday evenings.  The 5th/6th girls will play at 7pm on Mondays.  The 7th/8th girls play on Sundays starting at 11am or 12:15pm.  9th/10th girls will play early afternoon games on Sundays.  The 11th/12th girls play mid to late afternoon on Sundays.  All games should be played at our Renegades Kelly Bolish Gym at 2950 Turnpike Dr., Hatboro, PA 19040.


You can enter the league as an individual or a team and everyone is guaranteed 10 games. Cost for individual is 125.00 this year.  The maximum cost per team is reduced to $1095.00 this year and teams must have a minimum of 10 players except for School HS teams must have 8 player minimum.  (If a team has more than 12 players the team cost is still only 1095.00) All teams play minimum of 10 games (includes one playoff game) We will again offer free fall practice time to teams entering our league.  Early registration due by July 24th to secure spot or deadline of August 10th.

Every player will be required to play in his or her appropriate division.  Any Renegade player wishing to participate in the Fall League must re-register with the club for the upcoming year (2018/2019) at this time by mailing in club registration form and fee.  Non-Renegade players do not have to pay a separate club registration fee.  If a player is capable & approved to play in the next older division an additional fee of $100.00 will be required.  Please forward a separate check for $100.00 in case there is no room in the older division you wish to enter.  Keep in mind if you request to play up in an older division, you must also play your own age.  If a player plays in two divisions their primary responsibility is to play in their appropriate grade division and they will not be able to play in the older game if they fail to attend their own age game each week.  The fee covers the cost of the gym rental, league shirts, referee fees, and team awards for 1st and 2nd place winners.  Please make checks payable to Renegades and mail to: 858 Street Rd., Southampton, PA 18966.  Please do not send a check without a Walker League form.  Or you can register onlineand pay league fee with credit card at www.renegadesbasketball.com (credit card payments incur a 5% bank fee)


All Township, School, CYO or AAU teams need to give us current  proof of insurance.  If you are a township, school, CYO or AAU team that does not have current player insurance coverage then all players and coach will need to purchase aau membership card at a cost of 16.00 which will provide the player catastrophic insurance for the period Aug 16, 2019 thru Aug 31, 2020.  Please forward copy of aau membership card to parenegades@comcast.net prior to first game.

If you are entering as an individual and you are not a Renegade club member you will need to purchase an aau membership card at a cost of 16.00 which will provide the player catastrophic insurance for the period Aug 16, 2019 thruAug 31, 2020.  Please forward copy of aau membership card to parenegades@comcast.net prior to first game.

GO TO: https://play.aausports.org , on the right-hand side and select “Create an Account”. Once you can sign in, choose “NEW MEMBERSHIP” then select ”Youth Athlete Membership" for player ($16) or “Non-Athlete Membership” for coach ($18), fill in all specific player or coach info and select sport “Boys/Girls Basketball” in the drop down for sport. Next, you MUST SELECT “EXTENDED BENEFIT” fill out the balance of the info for the person and they will be covered under the AAU supplemental insurance from 8/16/19 to 8/31/20. The 2019/2020 member insurance is not going to be available on the aausports.org website until Aug 16th. This supplemental insurance covers the player/coach not only for basketball but for any sport that the player participates in during the entire year and is well worth the $16.00 per player/$18.00 per coach. This AAU insurance does not take the place of family health care coverage. Every Walker League player must have their own health care insurance. Please forward AAU insurance membership card confirmation received from AAU to parenegades@comcast.net prior to playing in first league game. This will be strictly enforced due to the liability issues. Any questions email: parenegades@comcast.net .

Walker League Schedule and Rosters will be posted at www.renegadesbasketball.com                           You must check our website in order to know when your first game will be played.  We won’t be able to telephone.

If player is entering as an individual, it is very important to fill in your child’s height and basketball experience on individual registration form.  We must have this info in order to place your child on a team.  We try to make the level of all of the teams as even as possible so that the games are competitive.

Checks payable to: RENEGADES, 858 Street Rd., Southampton, PA 18966 or pay online with credit card at


Register early by July 24th to secure spot since there was a waiting list last year!

Steve Flynn
Renegades Director

Rules and Regs Here!